Tiny Removable Jacket for Amigurumi – FREE Crochet Pattern for DIY Dolls

Build Ami Series #4

Hello, friend.

If you’re new to the Build Ami series, Welcome! I’m on the quest of creating the ultimate list of crochet patterns that relate to making amigurumi. This is the fourth issue of the series where we’ll learn how to make a Removable Jacket for your amigurumi based on my Classic Doll Base design.

For this pattern you’ll need to first complete your amigurumi according to the Classic Doll Base Crochet Pattern. This Jacket is designed to fit these doll base in specific 🙂

  • Click on the link above to find the Classic Doll Base.

The ad-free and printable versions of the Build Ami patterns can be found at Ribblr and Etsy.

Let’s get to crocheting:



  • Ch: Chain
  • Sc: Single Crochet
  • Sc inc: Single Crochet Increase
  • Sc dec: Single Crochet Decrease
  • Sl st: Slip Stitch
  • (xx): Numbers in bold mean stitch count at the end of each round


In a 1 inch by 1 inch square of stitches there should be 4sc and 4 rows of sc.

Materials Needed

  • 4.50mm Crochet Hook
  • Medium Weight Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle (metal recommended)
  • A stitch marker (I use colorful paperclips)

Jacket Body

You’ll start working the back of the jacket first, from the bottom to the top. Working in rows and using the color that you want:

1. Ch 12, skip the first ch and sc 11 across (11)

2. – 6. Ch 1, sc 11 across (5 rows), (11)

7. Ch 1, skip the first sc, sc 8, sc dec 1, (9)

8. – 11. Ch 1, sc 9 across (6 rows), (9)

From here we’ll start working one of the front halves of the jacket.

12. Ch 2, skip the first ch, sc in the second ch, sc 1 (2)

13. -17. Ch 1, sc 2 (5 rows), (2)

18. Ch 3, skip the first ch, sc 4 across (4)

19. – 25. Ch 1, sc 4 (7 rows) (4), fasten off at the end of row 29, leaving an 8 inch tail for sewing.

This completes one half of the front of the jacket. Reattach yarn to the opposite corner of row 11.

1. Ch 2, skip the first ch, sc in the second ch, sc 1 (2)

2. -6. Ch 1, sc 2 (5 rows), (2)

7. Ch 3, skip the first ch, sc 4 across (4)

8. – 16. Ch 1, sc 4 (9 rows) (4), fasten off at the end of row 16, leaving an 8 inch tail for sewing.

Fold over both halves of the jacket, aligning the bottoms. Using a yarn needle, sew the outer sides of the jacket from the bottom up for nine rows, leaving an opening for the amigurumis arms.


Attach the yarn to one of the “armpits” of the jacket, where you finished sewing.

1. Work in the round and fit 10 sc around the arm hole, sl st into the first sc. (10)

2. – 6. Ch 1, sc 10, sl st into the first sc (10), fasten off after finishing round 6.

Repeat this pattern for the other sleeve.

Hide all ends and you’re done!

Thank you for following along 🙂

Next week I’ll post the Ponytail Hair Tutorial for amigurumi dolls.

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