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Unlock the power of crochet to express creativity, find catharsis, and make a statement. Drawing from a passion for crochet that began as a hobby during college, our unique crochet patterns and custom-made figurines are infused with a comedic perspective on societal issues, born out of a desire to bring awareness to environmental conservation, feminism, community, and diversity.


Crochet Patterns

Dive into our collection of meticulously crafted crochet patterns, each inspired by personal experiences and social commentary. From quirky characters to thought-provoking designs, our patterns invite you to stitch stories that resonate with your values.


Commission a one-of-a-kind crochet figurine that reflects you and your vision. We bring your ideas to life with yarn and passion.

Join Our Community:

Connect with fellow crafters and enthusiasts in our vibrant community. Share your creations, exchange tips and tricks, and engage in meaningful discussions about the intersection of art and society. Together, we can create change, one stitch at a time.

Start Crafting Today:

Browse our collection, unleash your imagination, and join us in using crochet as a medium for creativity, catharsis, and change. Let’s crochet a brighter future together.

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