New Year’s Crafty Resolution: Crochet Temperature Blanket

Happy 2020!

There is so much excitement and hopefulness all around us as we begin a new year. There is just something about the sound of “2020” that makes it sound so futuristic and clean. For better or for worse I bet this will be a truly memorable year, and for that I invite you to join me in this year-long crochet craft.

If you’ve never done any crochet this is a totally beginner friendly project, all you need is patience, persistence, and lots of yarn.

Temperature Blanket

If you’ve never heard of this project before, the idea is that every day you take the average temperature of the place you live in, you designate a color to every temperature range and every day you crochet a single line of the designated color. By new year’s you’ll a blanket that’s 365 lines long (366 in this case, yay leap year!). 

To keep a nice proportion, I did a 150 chain for the base, you chain one at the end of each row, turn your work, and either change your color or carry on. You can do simple single crochet stitches all across the row, this makes an even and simple result. Personally I liked the idea of the colors interlocking each other so I chose to work with the moss stitch.

To work with the moss stitch the very first row needs to be all single crochet. For the rest of the rows chain one at the start, and then alternate:

1 Single crochet, 1 chain, skip 1 stitch and single crochet in the next.

This way you have a gap every other stitch. On the next row you’ll do the single crochet in the gap rather than on top of the single crochet of the last row. After a couple of rows you’ll see how this makes the colors interlock!

My Materials:

Medium weight yarn and a 4.5mm hook. Decided to work with cotton yarn since it’s a lot softer than acrylic and it wont pill as much.

I’ll try to keep a neat temperature log and update my progress, if you decided to start your very own blanket make sure to post a picture in the comments!

Good luck and Happy New Year!

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